Holidays and events
You have to arrange:
􀂄 a corporate event
􀂄 training
􀂄 a presentation
􀂄 a celebration
􀂄 a mass entertainment event
􀂄 a private party, a wedding

The organisation of corporate events, training 
«Volga-Tour» will do it for you! 
􀂄 organisation of all kinds of training (e. g. training with team building elements), inviting professional trainers and consultants
􀂄 working out the event scenarios
􀂄 fi nding and booking a place to hold your event
􀂄 providing all the necessary technical (sound, light) equipment
􀂄 hotel room booking
􀂄 provision of transport for the event
􀂄 organisation of the entertainment part of the offi cial event
􀂄 making canopies and tents available
􀂄 organisation of picnics and trips to the countryside
􀂄 catering organisation
􀂄 photographs and videos of your event
􀂄 organisation of your participation in adventure and game projects, such as «Yaroslavl – the First», «Yaroslavl Fair», «Searching for the treasure of … Yaroslavl», «Day Watch», «The Volga Barge Hauliers» etc.
􀂄 organisation of active programmes, such as parachuting, hiking, raft ing, cycling tours
􀂄 organisation of corporate sports tournaments

Organisation of presentations 

«Volga-Tour» will do it for you!

􀂄 making a plan of your presentation preparation and implementation
􀂄 working out the ceremony conception and programme
􀂄 preparing the area layout and draft , including open-air areas
􀂄 organisation of an open-air event (landscape works, carpeting, decking, wooden daises, stage), beautifi cation of the adjacent territory
􀂄 stage decorations (fl ower bouquets, balloons, etc.)
􀂄 choosing the conference halls with all the necessary technical equipment
􀂄 inviting your guests
􀂄 booking hotel rooms for your guests
􀂄 organisation of coff ee breaks and business lunches
􀂄 organisation of gala dinners, buff ets and banquets with an entertainment programme
􀂄 catering organisation
􀂄 organisation and provision of all the necessary means of transport
􀂄 organisation of entertainment programmes and excursions
􀂄 organisation of solemn guest receiving ceremonies
􀂄 provision of security service for your event
􀂄 photographs and videos of your event

Celebrations organisation

«Volga-Tour» will do it for you!

􀂄 organisation of a corporative party or a company’s jubilee celebrations
􀂄 preparation of festive and solemn receptions within the business programme framework
􀂄 preparation of a mass entertainment event, city-wide celebrations
􀂄 organisation of holiday processions, street festivities
􀂄 organisation of traditional handicraft fairs
􀂄 holding a private party
􀂄 devising the most original places for your marriage registration and wedding ceremonies
􀂄 solving all the diffi culties and problems connected with your wedding organisation
􀂄 variety performers’ concerts and festivals organisation
􀂄 organisation of celebrations on motor boats and yachts
􀂄 organisation of picnics, out-of-town open-air and recreation centre celebrations
􀂄 working out the event programmes
􀂄 fi nding and booking a restaurant, a banquet room, an out-of-town recreation centre etc.
􀂄 organisation of open-air celebrations (landscape works, carpeting, decking, wooden daises, stage), beautifi cation of the adjacent territory
􀂄 stage decorations (fl ower bouquets, balloons, chocolate fountains, infl atables etc.)
􀂄 providing all the necessary technical (sound, light) equipment
􀂄 making canopies, tents or a stage available
􀂄 booking hotel rooms for your guests
􀂄 provision of transport for your guests
􀂄 catering organisation
􀂄 inviting hosts, artists, animators and DJs
􀂄 selection of special eff ects for the event: fi reworks, sky lanterns, fi re show etc.
􀂄 working out and organisation of an entertainment show programme
􀂄 provision of security service for your event
􀂄 photographs and videos of your event

Among «Volga-tour» customers are

􀂄 the Russian Federation Presidential Executive Office
􀂄 the Russian Federation Presidential Federal Protection Service
􀂄 the Yaroslavl Region Government
􀂄 the Yaroslavl City Hall
􀂄 the Yaroslavl Region State Duma
􀂄 the Swedish Trade Council
􀂄 the Consulate General of Sweden
􀂄 pharmaceutical industry world leaders such as «Krka» (Slovenia), «Nycomed» (Switzerland), «Gedeon Richter» (Hungary), «Pharmasoft» (Moscow), «OlainFarm» (Latvia), Pharmaceutical Plant «Egis» and «Berlin Chemie» (Germany), «Novartis» (Switzerland), «Johnson&Johnson» (Great Britain), «Beaufour Ipsen» and «La Roche» (France), «Pliva» (Croatia), «Lek» (Slovenia), «Dr. Reddy’s» and «Promed» (India), «Alfa Wassermann» (Italy), «Astellas Pharma» (England), «Pharmstandard» (Russia), «EBEWE Pharma» (Austria), «Beringer» (Austria), «Natur Product», «Euroservice» and «Prolek-Pharm» (Russia), «Olympus» (Japan)
􀂄 «Astron Buildings» (Luxembourg)
􀂄 «Velux» (Denmark)
􀂄 «Komatsu» (Japan)
􀂄 «Coca Cola» (USA)
􀂄 «Northern Railway» – a subsidiary of «The Russian Railways»
􀂄 The North Bank of Sberbank of Russia
􀂄 Promsvyazbank
􀂄 Sovkombank
􀂄 Bin Bank
􀂄 «Mobile TeleSystems»
􀂄 «Severstal»
􀂄 Lomonosov Moscow State University
􀂄 Siberian Anti-crisis Centre
􀂄 UralSib Insurance Group
􀂄 «Economical, Political and Law Development Centre» (Moscow)
􀂄 Scientifi c Production Complex «Katren»
􀂄 «Yaroslavl Coatings» corp.
􀂄 the All-Russian Civic Organization «The Russian Medical Railway Association»
􀂄 the Medical Diagnostics and Prevention Centre (Yaroslavl)
􀂄 the Microelectronic Company «Onyx» (Yaroslavl)
􀂄 «Technotorg» (Yaroslavl)
􀂄 the Balkan Star Tobacco Plant (Yaroslavl)
􀂄 «Dupont – Russian Coatings» (Yaroslavl)
􀂄 «Rosmediaproyekt» (Yaroslavl)
􀂄 Leancor Analytical Centre (Yaroslavl)
􀂄 «The Yaroslavl Electric Locomotive Repair Plant» (Yaroslavl)
􀂄 «Step and Step» (Yaroslavl)
􀂄 FMK-Autocentre
􀂄 «Starriy Gorod» (Yaroslavl)
􀂄 The Perekrestok Trading House
􀂄 The «World Gum» Fitness Club
􀂄 The «Optimist» Fitness Club
􀂄 «TransTelecom»
􀂄 «Allan-Invest»
􀂄 The «Meer Koochny» Trading House

The advantages of working with «Volga-tour» 

􀂄 the complete spectrum of tourist, art and business services consolidated in one company: having our own art agency, air and railway ticket offi ces, excursion bureau, tour agency and MICE-bureau united in one structure as well as all the necessary licences, we can organize large-scale turnkey celebrations and off er a complete service to corporative and individual customers
􀂄 a fl exible discount system possible, due to the consolidation of bought services
􀂄 our broad experience in the organisation of corporative parties and celebrations
We sell much more than just incentive trips, events, conferences, training, corporate events or excursions; we sell good impressions, communication, high spirits, knowledge, the feeling of freedom, fresh ideas, team spirit, the long-awaited vacation and, of course, success!
We make events!