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The Yaroslavl region is a unique place for travelling. It seems that no signifi cant event in the history of Russia passed the Yaroslavl land – it was here that ancient Roos was founded, Prince Alexander Nevsky spent his childhood, devastating Tartar raids befell the city, miraculous healings happened in the monasteries and Peter I founded the Great Russian Fleet. The city development plans by Empress Catherine II have survived to this day. These facts are reflected in architecture and art. The «Golden Ring», a tourist route running through a series of cities and towns of central Russia, includes the towns of the Yaroslavl region: Yaroslavl, Rostov-the-Great, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Uglich. The towns of the Yaroslavl region are a visual encyclopedia of Russian architecture. In 2005 the historical centre of Yaroslavl was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.